Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meena Story (V & JV)

Some published stories about the bride (meena):

Meena is the best long serving whore of kollywood.

Police Story:- Once she fixed an appointment with a customer in chennai star hotel. While meena was busy with her customer inside the room, they hear a knock. The customer opens the door to be slammed hard in his head. The visitor forces into the room and threatens to arrest both for prostitution. He claims to be a police officer.

Meena cries and begs for mercy. The police officer demands 3 lacs. Meena calls her mom who readily comes with 3 lacs to save her daughter. Meanwhile the police gets busy with Meena and fucks her hard.

Then the Police and customer walk away free fuck and 3.

Ramesh Cars & Abinav Plantations:- Kannada Prasad fixed Meena for a lac per night to these guys and Meena was like their wife for months together. She went straight to these guys houses after shooting and carried out her whore responsibility honestly.

Actress Meena got engaged to Vidyasagar, a software engineer from Bangalore at a private function at her residence in Chennai. Only close friends and and relatives took part in the engagement. The wedding will be held on July 12 at Tirupati and a grand reception is planned for the couple in Chennai.

!! Cheers to Vidyasagar.!!


  1. I heard that she had a big bungalow given by some rich guy where she wont allow her mom also.She is a bitch..nothing else.