Monday, August 17, 2009

SATHYARAJ (JV 19.08.09)

Challenged by Goundamani, sathyaraj tries to fuck meena. However as things turned out to be, it was not so difficult at all. Meena the pro queen of kollywood fucked sathyaraj.

When sathyaraj acted with kushboo, in nadigan, kushboo was in love with prabhu. News that they could marry anytime soon was making circles. But sathyaraj and kushboo had a drink. Just like in amaithip padai movie, sathyaraj fucks kushboo.

Sathyaraj had determined to taste both the sisters. He fucked radha.

Sathyaraj had great lust over ambika even when he was acting as villian. When he turned hero, he visited ambika's sex farm house and expressed his desire and exposed his cock. ambika said ok. In the heat of the hour, they fucked without unlocking the door. The security of the farm house had a live show of his life.

RAMARAJAN (JV 12.08.09)

Ramarajan and naline (Kuthirai moonji Herione) were in love, even when Ramarajan was an assistant director. They got married.
Ramarajan acted with Rekha (Teacher herione) in many movies. It was rekha who taught Ramarajan the art of love making. Ramarajan had a long lasting affair with rekha.
Gowthami (anbu mayamaana herione) was then the lead actress with top stars. Gowthami was told to develop an affair with ramarajan since Ramarajan was releasing three movies in a year. Thus the affair developed. Rekha was very

much angry over the affair, since that costed her carrier. Rekha visits the sets of the movie where Ramarajan and gowthami were performing and had a fight with gowthami over sharing Ramarajan's cock. Gowthami was then all praises about Ramarajan's cock. She was so impressed and satisfied that she once said to her friend, another pro actress, that it was the best ever country wood cock, she had ever tasted.

The news about this spat and all of Ramarajan's affair went to nalini. Nalini wanted to avenge ramarajan. So she decides to accept the offer for paid sex from one of the chennai's businessman who was constantly approaching her. later nalini developed a career as a pro.
They separated.

KARAN (JV 02.08.09)

Meenakshi loves wearing bikini. Although she has never sported a bikini on screen, she weares it in her home. But when Karan visits her home, even the bikini is let loose.

In Thee Nagar, Samiksha performs in one song. They decide to perform off screen and karan screws samiksha.

Karan's debut movie happens to be a Malayalam movie. The herione (clue "வெற்றி முண்டாசு") had lust over karan on screen according to the story. Off screen the heroine, teaches sex to karan.

Then karan hired a lady manager. Karan plans to fuck her and wanted her to be her mistress. They both went to an outdoor shoot. Karan made her stay with him in the same room. Karan played high fever. The lady manager touches her. Karan caresses her. They had sex. Karan had huge lust over her that he abandons his wife and daughter in favour of the lady manager. When karan's daughter starts going to college, karan decides to abandon lady manager. But the lady manager threatens karan and karan had to settle her by paying her huge money.

Monday, August 3, 2009

VISHAL (JV 05.08.09)

Since Tamiraparani herione was in her teens, vishal enjoyed teen sex. She was sex crazy and milked vishal.

Reema sen had a good time and she fucked vishal very hard. They stayed in Park hotel and fucked very often. vishal was too satisfied with her talent that he gave her two movies, sellame and thimiru.

following her mother's advise, priyamani fucked vishal and director of the movie malai kottai. she was all praises for vishal and buttered him, and vishal inturn buttered priayamani with his cum.

and the pro queen of south "nayan thaara". They acted in satyam. The crew doubted whether it was film shoot or their honeymoon. They kissed so intensely that the mms clip did its rounds in kollywood. They fucked very hard.


Murali (JV 29.07.09)

In their first movie, murali, invites kuyili for a fuck. Kuyili rejects and says, we both are freshers and i am not fucking you. Agitated, murali decides to take his revenge. Their first movie was a hit and producers queue to book the pair for the next movie. But murali will not accept kuyili as his heroine. He successfully ends kuyili's career that she ends her dream as a herione and dances cabre with janagaraj in nayagan.
In his next movie(clue: sangeetha vanakkam) shot at ooty, murali fucks his fleshy herione. They had a wonderful fuck fest.

Murali had his ups and downs in his career. He asks his manager to book meena. Murali had a good but costly fuck. He showers meena with gold, money and ornaments. Much of his fortune was swindled by Meena & co (her mom).

Murali invited Shakeela's co star in porn movies to act in one of his movies. Murali pioneered the art of fucking in car. When they came out of the car after the fuck, murali was astonished to see the whole unit waiting outside the car.
His failed attempt include actress laila

Lakshmi Rai (AV 05.08.09)

Since the actor has decide to party in her own house bar, she is not seen hooking in star hotels late night.